Our Rules.


Almost 4 years later… life circumstances, bigger boys, and my commitment to limit a grocery store run to only one time  per week (ha!), means Our Rules have evolved to be generally:

  1. whole foods as much as possible (e.g. don’t drink orange juice, have an orange)
  2. 100% whole grains 
  3. all natural sweeteners
  4. read labels: 3-5 ingredients max, but especially NO added sugar and NO unidentifiable ingredients!
  5. eat organic, local, seasonal, and humanely-raised as often as possible

*see below for specifics

(#6 “the unwritten rule”) let the rules slide when:

  • eating at other people’s houses (nobody wants to be “that guest”)
  • eating out (we don’t do that very much… so I don’t sweat it)
  • homemade treats (not from a box — really homemade)

Looking back, I’m kinda proud to see we haven’t actually strayed too far from the original goals!



1)  Eat all natural, organic, locally produced, humanely raised, and seasonal foods, whenever possible

2)  Eat foods that are more a product of nature than of industry

3)  Eat only 100% whole grains

4)  Use only natural sweeteners

5)  Drink only all natural beverages


1)  We’ll still eat meat, fish, and dairy, lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts; along with healthy baked goods (see below)

2)  No fast food (unless we make it ourselves — results of the Great French Fry Experiment coming soon!).  And anything that comes from a box, bag, or jar should have 5 or so ingredients and each ingredients is something we might have in our pantry, or as I like to think of it, something that the 5 year old could identify.

3)  No white flour, corn flour, enriched wheat flour, etc. — look for “whole grain” in the ingredient list or make it ourselves using whole grains (e.g. pancakes, brownies, pizza crust, and bread).

4)  No white sugar (or brown, or powdered, etc) — use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar

5)  No sodas.  Only 100% fruit juices, milk, coffee, tea and water — all of which can be flavored or sweetened with anything natural.  And wine and beer are OK for the grownups.  I have not lost all sense of reason!

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