Apologies for a long lag-time since the last post.  I’ve been playing around with the organization of the whole site for awhile now. Have I mentioned that in a previous life, I was a librarian?  “Once a librarian, always a librarian”?  Or more accurately: “you can take the girl out of the library but you can’t take the obsessive-inclination-to-organize-information-in-ever-more-accessible ways out of the girl!”

So…. I got a little off my trolley in my obsession to reorganize! But focusing on some simple changes has led to the revamped site that I hope you will continue to enjoy:

  • to better explain the blog’s raison d’etre: a new Home page
  • an index to Recipes
  • a list of Resources
  • short posts and photos page at Bites (in case you aren’t following the Facebook page already)

And a couple of new pictures of Beth Behrendt (who’s she?)

At home.
At home.

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