Day 2.

I haven’t take any pics today.  Bill is in charge of dinner tonight.  I’ll ask him to photograph whatever he comes up with — he has to use the local ground turkey that I was planning to use last night (until I got stressed out and went for the easiest thing I could think of…)

Today, 2 out of 3 boys were well enough to go back to school.  Breakfast for all three was oatmeal, organic raisins, organic whole milk, and maple syrup for sweetening (which they loved – I thought they might throw a fit about the loss of brown sugar).  Bill and I had toasted slices of — gotta love this name — Fitness Bread!  I get it at Meijer in the international section.  It’s just whole grains and yeast.  It’s SO hearty.  One slice with butter and smoked salmon (wild caught) and we were full until lunch time.

Packed the 9 y.o.’s lunch: whole wheat pretzels, strawberries, organic cheese stick, homemade whole wheat brownie, a Stretch Island fruit leather, and H2O.

Lunch at home for the rest of us:

12 y.o. made himself a turkey and swiss on the homemade whole wheat bread (this bread gets a lot of complaints from the family — something about the texture being wrong; myself, I think it’s too sweet — I’ll post soon about the recipe and future attempts to improve it — or even better to find a bakery that makes whole wheat bread without sugar or preservatives!)

5 y.o., Bill & I had Triscuits, organic cheddar chunks, organic grape tomatoes, and what was left of the salmon salad I made for lunch on day one

After school snack was yogurt and strawberry smoothies from a recipe I got off  100daysofrealfood.  It was not well-received, I’m afraid.  Which is a bummer because I have a ton of plain yogurt in my fridge!  The boys suggested I use bananas next time – so we’ll give it another shot. They supplemented the disappointing smoothies with whole wheat pretzels. I drank their leftover smoothies — and now I’m so full!

I’m going out with gal pals tonight. Yay oh yay. So I’ll have an update tomorrow on what Bill made for dinner AND how my restaurant experience goes.

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