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Welcome to Real Food for 5

Me. Hanging out by the basil plants.
Me. Hanging out by the basil plants.

Hi, I’m Beth Behrendt. Thanks for visiting my food blog! Here’s the scoop.

On May 1, 2013 my family and I challenged ourselves to 5 WEEKS of living the Real Food lifestyle.  And, boy, were we psyched!

OK.  That’s how I’d like to remember it, but my [at the time] 12 year old son would explain it more like this (you can imagine the tween ennui):

“So Mom gets this brilliant idea that we aren’t eating healthy enough and we need to be nicer to the planet or whatever.  So she tells Dad that she has this great idea for all of us to start eating none of the foods that we love.  Doesn’t that sound awesome? And we ‘get’ to do way more cooking at home and shopping!  For food!  Do either of those things involve the XBox?  No. And, of course, Dad loves anything that will make us spend more time together and do more work, so he’s all ‘what a great idea!’  And Mom is like ‘I am totally going to blog about it, too!’  — What, is this 2010?!  My parents are so lame….. [big sigh]“

Well, the 5 weeks passed, we survived and are basically still eating and shopping the same way many months [years] later.   And I’m still blogging about it!

The kids might not admit it, but I think they are internalizing lessons every day about how the food we eat impacts not only our bodies, but also our community and environment.  To read about our adventures from the very beginning, start at Day 1.

To read more about…

[For an update on the specifics of our family situation, read here. I would like to preface your reading of the update by saying “Don’t worry. It’s all good!” (Because it IS, actually.) Except I loathe when people say “It’s all good!” It makes my ears itch right where they connect to my brain. Even though my frenemy, Gwyneth had no qualms about using it as the title of her 2nd cookbook — and probably made a ton of money doing so… sigh.]